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Hub with Brake Disk Type N + NX

TKMAX:   40050 Nm

The Hub with Brake Disc Type N + NX is appropriate for all drives, where the brake is not located between motor and gearbox, like brake installation on the second gear box shaft or at the motor end shaft.

  • Hub/disc combination for easy exchange of brake disc (type N)
  • High accident prevention by fastening ring, no rotating nuts (type N)
  • Exchange of brake disc without removing the hub (type N)
  • Simple, one-piece design with 20 mm brake disc thickness for SB8.11 + SB17 series brakes (type NX)


  • Hubs finish bored and keywayed acc. to DIN 6885
  • Hubs unbored
  • Hubs pilot bored
  • Hubs with brake disc, dynamically balanced
  • according to ISO 21940 Grade: G 2.5; G 6.3
  • Hubs in special dimensions
  • Hubs in special material
  • Test certificate DIN EN 10204-3.1

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