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Huebner Speed Monitoring provides a comprehensive range of specialised Dellner Bubenzer products designed for industrial, commercial, and engineering applications. These products are renowned for their outstanding reliability, robustness, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and safety features.

This ensures superior performance, safety standards, and cost-efficiency across a wide range of industries, making them the perfect choice for applications in sectors such as industrial, transportation, marine, mining, steel, and renewable energy, among others.

With Dellner Bubenzer’s established track record of delivering top-notch products, they stand out as the preferred manufacturer for your facility’s braking solutions, regardless of the industry or environmental conditions you operate in.

Industrial Braking Applications

We offer solutions for industrial braking applications that offer reliability, control, and safety in equal measure, making these solutions the staple for various processes across industrial facilities in and around South Africa.

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Cranes And Container Handling

We offer the perfect solutions for facilities that deal with cranes and container handling. These offers bring safety and efficiency to sites and facilities across the country.

Marine And Offshore Applications

Built to withstand the challenges of maritime environments while enhancing efficiency, we offer the perfect solutions for marine and offshore applications.

Mining And Material Handling

For mining and material handling solutions that provide safety, reliability, and long-lasting operation, we offer numerous specialised solutions for these applications.

Iron And Steel Industry

We provide OEM equipment and parts that are perfectly suited to iron and steel forges to enhance safety and efficiency within them.

Wind Turbines

We offer specialised wind turbines and energy production solutions for the renewable energy sector.


We also offer specialised engineering solutions for bridges.

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