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The Huebner Speed Monitoring products range brings industrial facilities monitoring and braking systems for dynamic and static applications that enhance operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and reliability.

We source world-class braking systems from Dellner Bubenzer, a leading manufacturer of monitoring and control solutions in Germany. This ensures peace of mind for our clients and the ability to enhance their operations on all levels.

Products From Huebner Speed Monitoring

The Huebner Speed Monitoring product range includes a wide spectrum of applications.

These include offers on :

View our range below for further details:

Disc Brakes

The Dellner Bubenzer series stands out due to its extremely fast closing times and its variability. It is used in a wide range of industries around the world due to its versatility, ease of application, and user-friendly handling.

Drum & Band Brakes

The Dellner Bubenzer Drum Brake is not only a powerful Drum brake but has automatic wear adjustment and braking torques from 140 to 3500 Nm.

Wheel & Gantry brakes

We provide a range of specialised wheel and gantry brakes including Disk and Drum brakes, Rail brakes, and Spring set brakes.

Motor Mounted Brakes

Our collection of Motor mounted brakes includes MFB, Spring set, and Twin safe brakes


We supply a full range of Dellner Bubenzer BUEL® products, built for reliability, quality, and functionality.

Buffers & Accessories

Our range of buffers and accessories includes Brake pads, Rectifiers, Gas hydraulic buffers, Hydraulic power units, Rotor locking devices and Switching rectifiers.

Couplings, Hubs, Discs & Drums

We stock a full range of flexible, gear-type, and rope drum couplings, as well as HUBs with brake disks.

Monitoring & Control Systems

Take a look at our extensive selection of monitoring and control solutions including brake control systems, brake rectifiers, and monitoring systems.

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If you would like to know more about the Huebner Speed Monitoring product range, and how they can benefit your facility, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Huebner Speed Monitoring today.