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Flexible Coupling Type KL

TKMAX:  40500 Nm

These couplings are for use in application with high dynamic loads. Damping of peak torques and vibrations as well as electrical insulation between motor and gearbox are further reasons for the use of this coupling type. The standard material of the elastic intermediate ring Polyurethane (Vulkollan) is suitable for a temperature range of -35˚C up to +80˚C. For a short time -40˚C up to +100˚C.

  • Steel coupling, torsionally elastic and bullet-proof (fail safe)
  • Torque transmission via elastic intermediate ring
  • Replacement of the elastic intermediate ring without moving any equipment
  • Transmits rotating power from one shaft to another while accomodating misalignment between the two shafts
  • Elastic ring provides superb electrical insulating characteristics (e.g. prevents leaking currents)


  • Coupling hubs finish bored and keywayed acc. to DIN 6885
  • Coupling hubs unbored
  • Coupling hubs pilot bored
  • Coupling dynamically balanced according to ISO 21940 Grade: G 2.5; G 6.3
  • Coupling hubs in special lengths
  • Coupling hubs in special material
  • Test certificate DIN EN 10204-3.1

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