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Thruster Disc Brake SB8 Series

TORQUE: Up to 20500 Nm
CONTACT FORCE: Up to 45760 N

The SB series stands out due to its extremely fast closing times and its variability. It is used in a wide range of industries around the world due to its versatility, ease of application and user-friendly handling.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Ideal for belt conveyors in combination with long stroke thrusters
  • Sintered linings for high friction speeds
  • Organic, non-asbestos linings for low friction speeds
  • Continuously adjustable brake spring with torque scale and wear bushing enclosed in a spring tube
  • Stainless steel pins and spindles
  • Maintenance-free bushings in all hinge points
  • Right or left-hand design


  • Automatic wear compensator
  • Limit switch release control
  • Proximity switch hand release
  • Manual release lever with or without lock
  • Monitoring systems (e.g. VSR/CMB)
  • Brake discs with hubs or couplings

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