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Spring Set Brake KFB

TORQUE: Up to 1600 Nm

The KFB is a spring applied safety brake which is mainly used in gantry, trolley and hoisting application on harbour crane systems, in dynamic and static use at general industrial applications, in mechanical engineering, steel mills, coal mining or wind energy systems.

  • Spring applied safety brake
  • Electromagnetic released
  • Protection-class IP67 – seawater protected
  • High wear reserve by multiple air gap adjustment
  • Small construction at high work capacity
  • High availability caused by high durability
  • Functional without cover
  • Emergency release screws


  • Special brake torque
  • Handlever
  • Micro or proximity switch:
  • • Monitoring the function on/off
  • • Maximum air gap (wear-monitoring)
  • Lateral junction box
  • Tacho preparation with all mounting parts
  • Cover bore
  • Shaft sealing
  • Special voltage
  • Anti condensation heater
  • Radial cable outlet
  • Special flange

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