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Disc Brake SB28.3 with BUEL

TORQUE: 23400 Nm

To uphold our reputation as a global leader in braking systems and manufacturing solutions, the SB 28.5 represents DELLNER BUBENZER’s commitment to constantly innovate, provide industry solutions and anticipate the needs of our customers. Supported by decades of engineering, evolution, and innovation, the SB28.5 brake presents significant advantages with an enhanced and compact design, sustainability, and preeminent performance. Welcome to the SB 28.5, the new generation of SB-disc brake series.

  • Proximity switch brake release
  • Manual release lever with or without lock
  • Manual release lever latching or non latching
  • Automatic wear compensator
  • Sintered linings for high friction speeds
  • Continuously adjustable brake spring with torque scale and wear bushing enclosed in a spring tube
  • Stainless steel pins and spindles
  • W-execution (special anti-corrosion protection)
  • Maintenance-free bushings in all hinge points
  • Symmetric design
  • Parallel air gap when brake is released (no tipping of the brake shoes)


  • Proximity switch pad wear
  • Proximity switch hand release
  • Monitoring systems (e.g. VSR/CMB)
  • Brake disc with hub or coupling
  • Option: Terminal box for limit switches
  • Special painting for increased corrosion protection
  • Manual release lever on top of BUEL® thruster


If you would like to know more about our offer on the Disc Brake SB28.3 with BUEL, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Huebner Speed Monitoring today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information on our complete range of offers.

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