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Buel ® G

The BUEL® Model G is a new family member of the DELLNER BUBENZER brand BUEL®. It is a compact thruster to feed active or passive hydraulic brakes and emergency brakes. It is also suitable for small-capacity hydraulic cylinders. Operational pressure can be up to 250 bar.

  • Compact design
  • Fail-safe principle
  • Variable tank capacity, small filling quantity
  • Use of bio-degradable oils possible
  • Redundant valve system
  • Energy saving by limited duty cycle
  • Automatic compensation of pressure losses, by short time actuation
  • Hydraulic parts protected inside the housing
  • 2 pressure outlets
  • Internal generation of the control voltage for valves and sensors
  • Overload protection by monitoring of the working pressure
  • External manual release incl. “dead-man-handle”
  • Integrated bursting pressure protection
  • Options for additional functions and monitoring


Electrical design All BUEL® thrusters are operated with 3-phase voltages between 220 V to 690 V @ 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Protection class All electric components of the BUEL® thrusters are located inside, for best protection against environmental influences. BUEL® thrusters are rated IP 65. Protection class IP 67 is possible as an option.

Operating modes BUEL® Model G thrusters are designed for intermittent duty, independently from the required operating mode of the drive installed. There is no limitation on the duty cycle. The motor is switched off after reaching the working pressure. In case the working pressure is not reached within 4 seconds, the motor is switched off internally.

Ambient temperature range BUEL® thrusters are suitable for ambient temperatures between -30°C to +60°C. For deviating ambient temperatures, please contact us for support.

Protection against moisture For applications in maritime or tropic environments, the optional use of a small heater to protect the motor windings from moisture is recommended.

Heater voltages can be:

  • 110 to 120 V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • 220 to 240 V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Hydraulic media BUEL® Model G thrusters are filled with a high-performance synthetic oil, type Fuchs Titan CHF 11S. This oil ensures a trouble-free operation in the entire temperature range, as indicated above.

Biodegradable oils can be used as an option.

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