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We Welcome Dellner Hydratech: the Newest Addition to Our Operations



As a leading team of high quality Dellner Bubenzer braking system distributors we welcome the latest addition to the Dellner Bubenzer network, Dellner Hydratech.

Formerly Hydratech Industries, this division has given us the opportunity to enhance our approach and offers to extend our offerings into the realm of quality hydraulic cylinders and accumulators, as well as hydraulic components and parts for wind turbines.

Our operations, supported by decades of development and engineering, just got a lot more expansive thanks to the addition of Dellner Hydratech into our network.

We look forward to offering more, improving our solutions through consistent development, and continually producing specialised solutions for our industrial and commercial clients in South Africa.

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If you would like to find out more about the acquisition of Hydratech Industries and what this means for our clients, you can read more about it on Wind Energy Network Magazine, or feel free to get directly in contact with a representative from Huebner Speed Monitoring today.